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Notes to Self

I need to keep up with this... I'm no good.

Maybe setting myself small targets would be good. Such as getting a two photos from my back-catalog uploaded a week (once I have managed to put said back catalog back together.)  A tweet every three days. A blog post once a fortnight? I'm not sure; what is usually considered reasonable??

With the fact I currently lack any form of consistency to my life, I just don't know what to do, and I keep finding myself lacking the energy to get on with much from my list. I mean, I currently have a suitcase of clothes sat on my bedroom floor, which has been there for over a week... I really should sort it out. Perhaps sorting 10 files a day from the mess that was my old hardrive would be a place to start? At least it will feel like I am getting somewhere on my quest to reorganising everything in my room.

Maybe a checklist of things I know I need to find and relocate would help? That way, I can chip away looking for the stuff I know I need to find, then I can add to it as I find other random bits and pieces.

So here is a list of what I need to do to finish sorting out my hardrive:

1. Reconstruct the Photo Albums I had before. - Facebook-style ones should be easy. The cosplay ones and the back-catalog of DA uploads may take a little longer to sort out.

2. Find and organise all of my old work - this refers to both school and uni work. All the uni work needs to be tagged with the marks reveived once sorted in to the relevant module folder.

3. Reconstruct Music Library - This may take a while. The most likely solution is to listen to the fragments of what I do have saved still, then resource everything which is broken, or I know is missing.

4. Resource missing video files - Namely those which are buried somewhere on one of Nii-san's old laptops, which I pray nothing has happened to as of yet >_<

Things online which require my attention:

1. Uploading my DA back-catalog - which I can't make progress on until I reconstruct it.

2. Make sure my cosplay accounts - Cosplay.com and Cosplay Island - are up to date on my plans and progress.

3. Actually write some fanfiction - Preferably finish of Resonance of Soul before starting on any of the others (the list has grown again.)

4. Actually remember to blog something - much like I am doing now, but do it more often.....

5. Finish reorganising my Facebook friends in to groups (and clear out any who I don't know and never talk to)

6. Upload something on to YouTube - My account appears to be all but dead, since I don't seem to upload anything.
I don't seem to have been able to keep up with anything I have started on there. Maybe some songs to start off with... and maybe a review of how my life is going at the moment.... and some YuGiOh related content. That could be fun.

I'm not even going to start on what needs to go on in my room, other than  the copious numbers of Yu-Gi-Oh cards which need to be filed. Though I think Jack said he would help with that, incase I have anything of hidden value ^_^

I don't think I have really begun to scratch the surface of the things going on inside my head right now... but this is a start. Maybe now I have thought about it, I can actually get on with some of it. Even if I only did a little bit, it would be something, right?

This is me

Artist, singer, writer, gamer, cosplayer, roleplayer.

There are a lot of other things I could say about myself here, but I will leave you to discover those things by reading my journal.



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